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The plan

We want to create a place that is full of life and where the people of Zaandam and the rest of the region love to spend their time. We will do this by combining a cozy restaurant with an intimate seating area, a spacious terrace on the water with evening sun and a large lounge corner with an impressive boulder gym that offers plenty of space for bouldering and chilling together. We will always play appropriate music in a pleasantly lit place, the staff is attentive and cheerful and the food of consistent quality.



Highlights of our plan

We have an A-location in Zaandam. It is ideally situated within the region of Amsterdam. It is easily accessible by car and public transport and parking is free. The rent is low, and the population growth is 16% and still increasing.

We rent from the Broedplaats Hellema and have the municipality with us, stimulating hospitality and a terrace on the water at this location.

We are the only climbing place in the Zaan region, so could be very interesting for schools, B2B and birthdays. Our restaurant has a sunny terrace and a view of an impressive boulder gym. You can jump straight into the water from the boulder gym.

Rob & Bas


The location is an empty space without supporting pillars and with many windows on the sides and three large characteristic skylights.

We have been busy drawing the design, taking into account the natural course that the guest will make.

This is in collaboration with Better Bouldering (design of the boulder walls) and Hampkon (design of the restaurant).

The renders are a first impression of the atmosphere, the design was then perfected to a new layout.


BAZ restaurant

creating memories

In our restaurant we are going to work with a passionate chef, the menu must be compact but varied. Organic and from the region, that is our goal. We will be open for lunch and dinner and on the weekend you have to be able to linger for a long time. A G&T or cocktail evening will therefore regularly come by!


BAZ bouldergym

home for the brave

We are going to cleverly design the boulder gym so that the starting climbers can safely get started. We will offer a lot of free guidance for climbers who need it. For the experienced climbers there is of course also plenty to do, the boulder walls have been designed with great attention, by high-level climbers. There will be an abundance of cool modules and king-size holds. A crossfit style box and training room will certainly not be missing out.


Who are we?

Rob Gosker

  • Designer of Het Lab Amsterdam
  • Large network in the catering industry
  • Made (as a general manager) Het Lab Amsterdam profitable after 4 months
  • 9 years of experience as cocktail caterer (Woodstock69 Bloemendaal, Ninour Amsterdam etc)
  • Manager at LE:EN – Art’Otel – Conservatorium Hotel 

Bas Jonker

  • Dynamic steel contructor for ao De Parade
  • Restorer of monumental buildings
  • Interior maker of various restaurants
  • 10 years of experience as constructor of wooden and steel constructions

Roberto Ackerman

Theo Hendriks

  • First entrepreneur to introduce Spinning in Europe (1994)
  • First entrepreneur to introduce integrated fitness in a multifunctional gym
  • European entrepreneur of the year 2009 

Become an ambassador

2/3 of the financing has been reached. To roll-out the full plan and reduce the payback time, we are running a crowdfund campaign. Invest in us and get 4% interest! Together with other benefits and a our great great gratitude 🙂



Are you interested in our campaign? Or do you have questions or suggestions? Please contact us, we like to hear from you! 

BAZ Bouldergym & Restaurant

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